Ancient Indian Tribes by Bimala Churn Law.

By Bimala Churn Law.

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Foil ). in a previous birth was a son of the king of After his fathers death, he ascended the throne and he surrounded a city in order to conquer it but the in- habitants did not surrender for they were forced to surrender. many days. Afterwards ( Dhammapada Commentary, Vol. II, pp. 199-200). Udena was dwelling at Khemiyambavana at Benares. A brahmin named Ghotamukha went to him and told him that it seemed to him that there was no pious monk. Udena replied to his question ( Majjhima Nikaya, A by referring to four kinds of persons.

There was in Benares a market known as ivory workers' bazar where ivory works There were were sold. (Jataka, Fausboll, II, p. 197). in stone cutters or experts working stone-quarrying and Tfifi 28 shaping stones. (Jataka, I, &ASIS p. Five hundred! car- 478). penters lived in a village in Benares. ( Jataka, II, pi 118 ). There was in Benares a great town of carpenters containing These carpenters avowed publicly that a thousand families. they could make a bed or a chair or a house. But when they took a large advance from the people, they proved themselves liars.

Education. ( Dharnmapada Commentary, I, pp. 250-251). Dharnmapada Commentary tells us that a king of Benares learnt a mantra from a young brahmin by paying him 1000 kahapanas as the teacher's fee. The king saved his life from the hands of the barber who was instigated by the senapati to kill him by that manta. (D. , I, 251 foil). A brahmin of Taxila sent his son Susima to learn Vedic mantra from a teacher who was his father's teacher taught him well. (D. , Ill, p. 445). friend. The A young man of Benares went to Taxila to learn archery from a distinguished teacher and he was well-versed in the art and the teacher being satisfied gave his daughter in marriage to him.

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