An Outline of International Price Theories by Chi-Yuen Wu

By Chi-Yuen Wu

Masking the interval 1550 - 1939, this booklet examines the historical past and improvement of theories of overseas pricing and trade.The paintings of the subsequent economists is roofed: Locke, Barbon, Vaderlint, Harris, Hume, Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Bosanquet, Mill, Torrens, Marshall, Haberler, Austin, Stirling, Chevalier, Carines, Jevons, Leslie, Goschen, Bagehot, Wicksell, Sidgwick, Pigou, Viner, Heckscher, Ohlin, Keynes, Taussig, and Pareto.The quantity contains an intensive Bibliography of every interval mentioned in addition to complete indices of topics and names. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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THE MERCANTILISTIC THEORIES 20, the rate of exchange or the movement of specie itself be considered as a sufficient initial cause of disturbance, Malynes's theory is still subject to another important criticism. That is that he neglected the demand of England for her own imports. It is only if one makes the assumption that both the demand of England for her imports and the demand of other countries for her exports were inelastic that Malynes's theory applies. For more than a decade after Malynes had published his earlier works, no publication of importance appeared in this field.

X, pp. 14-32. Thomas Gresham went even so far as to say : " A s the exchainge is the thinge that eatts ought [eats out] all princes, to the wholl destruction of ther common well [weal], if itt be nott substantially looked unto, so THE MERCANTILISTS THEORIES 25 The bullionists had made it clear that the rate of exchange influenced the movement of specie, the state of trade, and the prices of goods. The mere recognition of a relationship among those factors was an important advance in economic thought, although the views that the bullionists held were largely unsound.

70. Although he recognized that an inflow of specie could produce opposite results, he was of the opinion that a high rate of exchange did not necessarily cause an inflow of specie. He said that " it would be so, were it not for the tolleration of the monies to go currant farre aboue their value beyond the seas " (Caker, p. 48). In other words, his theory would apply to countries, the value of whose coins were identical with their metallic contents. * Caker, pp. 117-118. , pp. 106 f. THE MERCANTILISTIC THEORIES 20, the rate of exchange or the movement of specie itself be considered as a sufficient initial cause of disturbance, Malynes's theory is still subject to another important criticism.

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