American Indian First Nations Schooling: From the Colonial by C. Glenn

By C. Glenn

Tracing the history of Native American education in North the US, this booklet emphasizes elements in society at large – and infrequently within indigenous groups – which led to Native American children being break free the white majority. Charles Glenn examines the evolving assumptions approximately race and tradition as utilized to education, the reactions of folks and tribal management within the usa and Canada, and the symbolic in addition to sensible function of indigenous languages and of efforts to take care of them.

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Indd 22 3/29/2011 11:16:41 AM Making Christians ● 23 own language by the earlier date, and nine had learned to read English. These “praying Indians” remained loyal to the colonists during King Philip’s War. 19 The work of Eliot, the Mayhews, and the Plymouth missionaries, it should be noted, was supported largely by gifts from England, not by the colonists. The London-based Society or Corporation for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England, established by Parliament in 1649, provided funds to pay expenses incurred by Eliot and others, most notably for translation and publication of scripture and devotional works but also for missionary salaries, salaries for Indian teachers, and a variety of material goods that helped the Indians to adapt to the new economy created by the Puritan presence.

Some settled in them and raised mixed-blood families. . ” There was, however, a strong color bar against marriage with blacks, imitated from the surrounding white society, as “the Cherokees concluded that their survival as a nation depended upon their clearly distinguishing themselves from Africans. To treat blacks as equals would not raise the blacks in white eyes but would simply lower the red man. . ”4 The contrast between full-blooded and mixed-blood would be decisive in subsequent Cherokee history, and the cause of repeated conflict; the remarkable level of prosperity and “civilization” noted by observers for the next hundred years would be largely confined to the minority of Cherokee with partial mixed ancestry, who characteristically had little interest in maintaining traditional customs.

He described the inroads made by war and disease between 1754 and 1760. indd 24 3/29/2011 11:16:41 AM Making Christians ● 25 Efforts to provide schooling for the Indians were made in Virginia and the Carolinas as well. King James I had directed local parishes of the Church of England to take up special collections for “the erecting of some Churches and Schools, for the education of the children of those Barbarians,” while under Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth there was a successful fundraising effort in England for missions to the Indians.

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