Agreement Restrictions in Persian by Anousha Sedighi

By Anousha Sedighi

Contract regulations in Persian is the 1st complete try to take on the problem of verbal contract in Persian from a cross-linguistic standpoint. Persian is a box of study inside of theoretical linguistics that's but to be sufficiently explored. This ebook adopts Chomsky's Minimalist application that is on the leading edge of contemporary theories of formal syntax, and applies it to the Persian language. even though it is usually believed that during Persian the verb concurs with the topic, a number of structures appear to constrain this compulsory rule. Adopting the framework of allotted Morphology, the writer argues that contract is in reality acquired with the plural inanimate topics yet a morphological rule could block the end result. not like the former analyses which contemplate the experiencer because the topic of the mental buildings, the writer argues that the mental nation is the topic of the sentence. The findings of this ebook not just give a contribution to raised figuring out of Persian syntax, but additionally have very important implications for grammar thought.

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70) a. ar. bold plenty -be-3pl from that-pi famess do-2pl There are a lot of bold thieves, stay away from them b. a:ndishe-ha-y-e gostakh-ane [freravan mst], a:z an-ha [doori kon-id] thought-pi-of bold-inamimato plenty be-3sg from that-pi farness do-2pl There are a lot of bold thoughts, stay away from them (Saadat 1996: 50) 22 Thacktson (1983) reports an exception on the verb "11> be". a) with an animate subject, the plural marker is -an, and the compound verb freravan amd (are plenty) agrees with the subject by being in the 3"'plural form.

For instance, Rivero (2004) provides a morphological analysis for the agreement restrictions on nominatives in the context of quirlcy subjects in Spanish. In the next section, I provide a summary of her proposal. 2. 20 She exploits Bonet's Person-Case Constraint (PCC) as a tool to capturing the difference between the Spanish quirlcy constructions with and without the person restrictions. Rivero argues that many Spanish counterparts of the Icelandic constructions with the person restrictions do not display the constraint; moreover, in the presence of a dative logical subject, the nominative logical objects triggering the verbal agreement can be in the 3rd, 2nd, or 111 person.

She argues that this prediction is true, as evidenced by the examples in (100,101) in which the PredP has moved into a higher position to express emphasis. Only the specific subject that is outside the PredP, can stay behind; the nonspecific subject, being part of the PredP, must move along with the verb (Karimi 2005:176). ti (100) a. [ru MIZ -an]1 ketftb-li On table -be3pl book-pl The books are on the table b. [ruMIZ -e]1 ketftb-li ti on table -be3sg c. *[ru MIZ -e]i ket§b-li-ye to ti on table -be3sg book-pl-Ez you Intended meaning: Your books are on the table (101) a.

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