Advanced Methods of Process, QC in Nuclear Fuel Mfg (IAEA

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The Bomb: A New History

“Younger has supplied an insightful consultant, specially for the overall reader, into today’s array of nuclear powers and their features. ”—James Schlesinger, former Secretary of security and Secretary of strength, former     Director of crucial IntelligenceIn The Bomb, Stephen more youthful, former Los Alamos guns clothier and writer of Endangered Species, offers a brand new heritage of the making of nuclear coverage and the construction of the main poor guns humankind has ever possessed.

Explosives Detection Using Magnetic and Nuclear Resonance Techniques

Nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) a hugely promising new procedure for bulk explosives detection: really reasonably cheap, extra compact than NMR, yet with huge selectivity. because the NQR frequency is insensitive to long-range adaptations in composition, blending explosives with different fabrics, corresponding to the plasticizers in plastic explosives, makes no distinction.

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Define • ELABORA TION OF THE DESIGN QFD The design QFD ("Quality Function Deployment") evaluates: • The importance of Functional Requirements. (First House of Quality) • The importance of Product Characteristics. (Second House of Quality) It starts with a deployment of Functional Requirements of the fuel rod. These are: energy production, integrity (the existence of a barrier to prevent fission products to pass on the primary circuit), growth (compatibility with the fuel assembly) and traceability.

Example of intrinsic performance inspection improvement 26 Integration of process-oriented control with systematic inspection IMPROVEMENT OF INCOMING QUALITY Po Qualitative characteristics : • analysis of inspection results : examples . rod scanner: check on stability of line cleaning conditions by long term analysis of rejection frequencies . visual inspection : frequency and Pareto analysis based on classification of the defects detected during inspection Quantitative characteristics : SPC 15 FBFC MATOM Lmgen, 18 -22 October 1999 FIG.

E. "findable" causes, which can be controlled. Integration of process-oriented control with systematic inspection EFFICIENCY ADJUSTMENT TO INCOMING QUALITY Example : Rod scanner for detection of enrichment deviation (A) Specification : • minimum efficiency e0(A) • maximum outgoing defect rate p0(A) (with confidence level) Inspection : • actual efficiency e(A) > e0(A) • detected defect rate pa Final decision : • if p, = e(1-e)-1pa < Po then OK • else partial or total reinspection with e' > e F B F C_ Lmgen 18-22 October 1999 FIG.

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