Academic Vocabulary: Academic Words by Amy E. Olsen

By Amy E. Olsen

Academic Vocabulary presents vocabulary development with a visually stimulating, full-color layout to pique scholars’ curiosity and make the method enjoyable. This beautiful, highly-interactive workbook improves educational notice wisdom via educational readings and interactive routines. Repetition of the phrases and getting the scholars to determine the phrases utilized in a number of contexts improves memorization.

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Intersected d. plagiarized 5. There was a lack o f _________________ in my uncle’s stories. He would begin by telling me about something that happened last week, and suddenly the story would shift to his childhood. a. statistics b. magnitude c. coherence d. flora 2 Complete the following sentences using the vocabulary words. Use each word once. a. m artyrdom b. thesis c. species d. flora e. quota 1. So m any________________ from panda bears to tigers are endangered these days due to loss of their natural habitats.

Use this information to answer the following questions. 1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. Supply the answers for these statistics: A. One day you spend 50% less than on the previous day. ________________ B. One day you spent 10% more than on the following day. ________________ 4. _______________ 5. Calculate what the variable x stands for in these equations: A. 00 x = ________________(which day’s meal) B. 60 x = ________________(which food item) Answer the following questions about the sketch of the house.

The (lichen, sojourn) covered the rocks and trees throughout the forest. C HAP TER 4 Biology 27 8. I think the autumn is a lovely time of year because the (parasitic, deciduous) trees in our neighborhood turn beautiful colors. 9. My friendship with Joanne started out well, but it has become (symbiotic, parasitic); all she does now is ask me for money and favors. 10. There are several (species, flora) of birds in the marsh, so we should have a great time bird watching this morning. 2 Finish the journal entries using the vocabulary words.

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