Abu Nidal A Gun For Hire by PATRICK SEALE


Abu Nidal has been defined because the world's most threatening terrorist, a gun for lease and a guy with out scruples, answerable for the murders of numerous blameless humans - but little is understood approximately him or his association. This booklet units out to inform his tale, from the educational camp within the Libyan wilderness the place his recruits are damaged and brainwashed, to the youth of the master-terrorist and his position within the heritage of the PLO. debts are supplied via former allies, pals and survivors of his camps approximately Nidal's slow transformation right into a guy who changed politics with violence and got here to mistrust all people. The ebook tells how he was once taken up through the Iraqis, the Syrians after which the Libyans, and the way he collected an enormous fortune via extortion and hands buying and selling. the result's not only a biography, yet an account of the intricacies of Middle-East politics during the last region of a century.

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