A Gift of Meaning by Bill Tammeus

By Bill Tammeus

Because of the strange temporary nature of journalism, no longer each column can stand the try of time. yet many—even these approximately occasions approximately long gone from the general public consciousness--contain lasting truths. A present of Meaning is a set of these lasting truths from invoice Tammeus, a columnist for the Kansas urban Star.

Each piece unearths Tammeus's try and strive against everlasting which means from the occasions and stories that sweep us alongside day via day.

I stopped by means of a homeless preserve the opposite day to determine somebody i do know. As I waited, I felt particularly conspicuous in my swimsuit and tie. actually, the pleasant guy on the info table requested me if i used to be a pastor. I chuckled.

But as I sat within the foyer ready to work out the guy I got here to ascertain on, i used to be struck back by means of what could be the such a lot tough of all human initiatives: empathy. that's, the problem of actually placing ourselves within the footwear of others.

In the tip, A present of Meaning is not only a presentation of chanced on that means, but in addition a decision to readers to forestall and imagine for themselves. This ebook is a call for participation to respire deeply and search out the that means of what the area heaves at us on a daily basis. it's an delivering of insights that would supply clean methods of comprehending issues readers proposal they already understood.

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Family, Faith, and Plumb Lines 25 When Religion and Culture Are at Odds June 11, 2000 People of faith, imagining they’re defending some divinely mandated position, sometimes circle the wagons around ground the culture has long since abandoned. Often this leads religious people to wonder why others don’t understand them. This is especially true of Christians, who are under biblical edict to share their beliefs and help draw others into the faith. A matter now in the news—a move by Southern Baptist leaders to have their church declare that the Bible allows only men to be pastors—illustrates what I mean.

Many of the scrolls—the first of which were discovered serendipitously by young Bedouin shepherds in the Judean desert in 1947— are torn or decayed. They must be carefully puzzled back together, and even then scholars sometimes must fill in blanks that time’s relentless entropy has created. The wonder is that so much has been preserved. And yet what has been saved is a marvelous treasure. ” It’s one of the few “greatest” claims you’re likely to hear that may actually be understated. The scrolls contain books from the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament), apocryphal books found in some Christian Bibles, and documents about the people who lived in the Qumran community, near where the scrolls were found in storage jars in eleven different caves.

It is, of course, impossible in an essay of this length to do justice to centuries of serious biblical scholarship on the end of the world, the Second Coming of Christ, and the identity of Antichrist. But it’s possible at least to hint at the rich and varied interpretations available and to say that many parts of mainline Christianity, unlike Falwell, pay precious little attention to any of this. They prefer, instead, to focus on the call to share good news with the world now and to minister to people in need.

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