A general history of Freemasonry in Europe by Emmanuel Rebold

By Emmanuel Rebold

Subtitle: established Upon the traditional files with regards to, and the Monuments Erected by means of This Fraternity From Its starting place within the yr 715 B.c. to the current Time common Books e-book date: 2009 unique booklet date: 1869 unique writer: American masonic publishing organization matters: physique, brain

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8 This was about twenty-five years after the discovery of the art of TRANS. printing with moveable types. Congress of 1275. seal is 54 GENERAL HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. Toward the close of the Jlftejinth. , however, the of abuses the clergy and the Popes having cooled crying the religious fervor and unsettled the faith of the people, the construction of many churches was arrested for want of necessary means to erect them. a_o_fjthe European continent. Gradually thenceforth the GLemian-. lod^ee dis- solved those oi^ Switzerland had been by an order of the Helvetian Diet disbanded in 1522 the jurisdiction of the five grand lodges was narrowed to very confined limits, and with nothing to construct, and nothing to adjudicate, the Diet of the Empire, sitting at Rat'isbonne, Abrogated, by a law of the 16th of March, 1707, the authority of these lodges, and ordamed thaj^the differences ^be-feween the wm'kmen__builders wjhi_ch might be submitted to the civil tribunals.

He sought to ascertain the cause of those phenomena which regularly reproduced themselves around him, and to whose influence he found his own nature subjected; and little by little, in the laws, first of physics, and next of astronomy, he discovered the explanation. He saw that, regulated that the sun and moon accord. In fact, by these laws, nature existed; and earth moved in common whilst all else lived and died around (27) GENERAL HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. 28 him and died forever these alone abated not in the regularity of their movements nor perpetuity of their existence: without beginning, and, apparently, without To feelings, end, they seemed uncreated and immutable.

B. LlMETH, Wor. Mas. of Commanders of Mt. Lebanon Lodge. EAST OP PAHIS, June, 27 1860. HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. INTRODUCTION. man, placed upon this earth, saw himself surwith rounded so many differently formed beings, of which the producing cause and motive for their existence were to him unknown, his thoughts were necessarily concenintense admiration. Unable to trated in one sentiment comprehend the the effect. He cause, he attached more importance to studied the physical qualities of all, to the end that he might be enabled to select for his use those which were useful, and reject those which were hurtful.

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