A Field Guide to the Carboniferous Sediments of the Shannon by James L. Best, Paul B. Wignall

By James L. Best, Paul B. Wignall

The Carboniferous Shannon Basin of Western eire has develop into the most visited box parts on this planet. It offers an excellent chance for studying quite a lot of historic sedimentary environments, together with carbonate shelf, reefs and dust mounds, black shales and phosphates, and a spectrum of deep sea, shallow marine, fluvio-deltaic and alluvial siliciclastic sediments. the realm boasts huge outcrops and a few of the main popular sections via turbidites, large-scale tender sediment deformation beneficial properties and sediments that demonstrate a reaction to tectonic and sea-level controls.

This box consultant offers the 1st synthesis of the critical localities during this quarter of Western eire, and provides an simply obtainable instruction manual that would advisor the reader to, and inside, a variety of sedimentary facies, permitting an realizing of the evolving nature of the fill of this Carboniferous basin and the context of its sedimentary and tectonic evolution. The consultant summarizes contemporary and new paintings within the region through quite a number authors and descriptions problems with present debate in regards to the Shannon Basin and its palaeoenvironmental interpretation. the sector consultant will locate huge use in instructing and examine by way of educational researchers, expert and novice geologists, in addition to through utilized geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers who use those outcrops as analogues for subsurface reservoirs in lots of parts of the world.

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2003; Wignall & Best, 2000, 2002, 2004). The CoMa model envisages slope progradation to the south‐east and its proposers have supported this assertion with several studies of large slumps in the Gull Island Formation (Martinsen & Bakken, 1990). However, detailed re‐evaluation of several large examples has re‐interpreted movement directions to show a narrow range of movement directions spanning east‐north‐east to north‐east (Strachan & Alsop, 2006), in accord with the WiBe model. Whilst difficult to interpret, some major slope c­ollapse features, such as the slumps and growth faults seen at the Point of Relief (see Strachan & Pyles, Chapter 7), unequivocally record down slope collapse to the west – a direction that is impossible to reconcile with the CoMa model.

Anch. = Scaliognathus anchoralis. 2 Tournaisian and Viséan Limestones from the Shannon Estuary, Co. 2). The excursion will examine the succession in stratigraphic order, commencing with the oldest rocks of the Mellon House Formation exposed west of Ringmoylan Quay (Stop 1). After this the suggested route travels west down the Shannon Estuary, thereby passing stratigraphically upwards through the Tournaisian and Viséan limestones (Stops 2 to 6). Killadysert Ca I Ini shc nishtu non Is. b ork er I brid s.

1 Introduction The Shannon Estuary (Fig. 2) ranging in age from lower Tournaisian to upper Viséan, s­ucceeded by late Mississippian (Serpukhovian) shales, followed by Upper Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) shales and sandstones. 3). 2). 2). 2). Douglas (1909) was also the first geologist to apply the term ‘Waulsortian’ to the exposures of massive, pale grey, fine‐grained limestones of mud‐mound facies in the Clare‐Limerick region of Ireland, as used in Belgium. A Field Guide to the Carboniferous Sediments of the Shannon Basin, Western Ireland, First Edition.

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